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"You cannot manage what you cannot measure.”
Bill Hewlett (Cofounder Hewlett Packard)

C.L.I. Group, LLC has provided expert home & building inspection services, commissioning, environmental, energy and litigation support services to clients throughout Northeast, Ohio since 1992. We serve both the residential and commercial construction communities providing valuable services including: residential & commercial inspections, advanced IAQ investigations, building commissioning, energy audits, system inspections, LEED consulting and construction defect investigations. Our multi-disciplined team of building, indoor air quality and HVAC professionals have the required skills to thoroughly evaluate most buildings using our "holistic" approach to solving complicated building issues. This helps to alleviate biases which can be introduced when problems are evaluated by those with a single focus or a financial interest.


  • Building Commissioning Process Management (ASHRAE Certified CPMP)

  • Commercial & Residential Building Inspections (ICC Certified Combination Inspector)

  • Residential Energy Services (ICC Certified Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner)

  • LEED™ Project Management & Consulting (LEED AP's)

  • Forensic Investigations

  • Thermal Imaging (Infrared Thermography)

  • Building Enclosure, Waterproofing and Sealant Evaluations/Commissioning

  • Commercial Building Inspections (ASTM E-2018 Property Condition Assessments)

  • Field Audits (Define potential problems during construction)

  • Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)/Manufactured Stone Assessments/Thermography)

  • Commercial & Residential "Total Building Commissioning"

  • Building Science, Forensic Building Investigations

  • Water Damage Investigation, Mold & other Biologicals, Consulting (IICRC S500, IICRC520)

  • Waterproofing Evaluations (above/below grade, roofs, plaza decks, etc.)

  • Remediation Plan Development & Oversight

  • Indoor Air Quality Management Plans & Surveys

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments & Monitoring (Board Certified IAQ Manager, Indoor Environmental Consultant)

  • Allergen Testing

  • VOC (EPA TO-15) Sampling and Mapping

  • LEED IAQ Testing (EQ Cr. 3.2 Option B)

  • Facility Dust and Particulate Monitoring

  • Infrared Thermography Building Envelope & Roof Surveys

  • Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Moisture Vapor Testing (Concrete moisture testing before floor applications)

  • Expert Documentation, Reporting & Testimony

  • Construction Oversight, Management and Progress Reports

  • Call C.L.I. Group Today for all of your building science needs

    (440) 946-7191 or (440) 655-9024


    C.L.I. Group, LLC plays major roles in 3 LEED Silver and 1 LEED Gold Certifications in 2010-2014


    C.L.I. Group, LLC plays major role in NASA Glenn Research receiving it's FIRST LEED Certified Building!!

    NASA Glenn Research Receives LEED Silver

    "We received notice today from the U.S. Green Building Council that the Guerin Management Center project has earned LEED Silver. Congratulations! Our team has worked diligently over the last few months to submit the documentation that has resulted in this important achievement".

    Al Tibbs, CPMP,  LEED AP made up part of the team responsible for this monumental achievement!! C.L.I. Group, LLC was the commissioning authority on the project.

    NASA Glenn Research Receives Another LEED Certification!!

    NASA Gleen Research has received another LEED Certification for the Building 60 project. C.L.I. Group was involved as both LEED consultant and Commissioning contractor. Al Tibbs, CPMP, LEED AP was partof the team responsible for this certification and acted as commissioning authority on the project.


    C.L.I. Group, LLC Part of a Unique LEED TEAM

    Cogswell Hall Receives LEED Silver

    C.L.I. Group, LLC plays a major role in a one of a kind Green building. Cogswell Hall is the only building in Ohio that has accomplished all certification and funding requirements for LEED, Green Communities, State and Federal Historic Tax Credits and Low Income Housing Tax Credits all in one project

    Al Tibbs, CPMP,  LEED AP made up part of the team responsible for this monumental achievement!! C.L.I. Group, LLC was the commissioning authority on the project.

    C.L.I. Group, LLC Part of  LEED TEAM at Oberlin Fire Station

    C.L.I. Group, LLC (Al Tibbs, CPMP, LEED AP) was the field LEED consultant for Telemon Construction on this project which was recently awarded a LEED Gold Certification by the USGBC. Congratulations to Telemon and the design team on the project.



    Energy Related Services:

    LEED (EB; NC) Consulting (LEED Accredited Professionals)


    Green/Sustainable Building


    Residential Energy Audit (Full Level Services)


    Blower Door Services (Multi-Point Evaluations)


    Thermal Boundary Evaluations


    TAB Services (Test & Balance)


    Building Pressure Diagnostics (Worst Case De-Pressurization Monitoring, Pressure Mapping, Zone Diagnostics)


    Energy Audits & Consulting


    Residential Energy Audits (More intensive than a Home Energy Rating)


    ICC Compliance Certificates (ResCheck / ComCheck) for Builders (ICC Certified Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner)


    Thermal Imaging, Non-Destructive Moisture Assessments (Infrared Thermography)


    Illumination Evaluations (IESNA)


    Electrical System Evaluations

    HVAC Services (Review) OH Licensed:

    Original Design Intent vs. What is Currently in Place.


    Thermal Comfort Evaluations (ASHRAE 55)


    Ventilation Evaluations (ASHRAE 62.1)


    Current Building and Occupant Requirements.


    System Age, Type, Size, etc. Total Data Retrieval, Along with Areas Served.


    Current System Estimated Operating Efficiency (Delivered btu’s to the Spaces) vs Rated Capacity.


    System Sequences of Operation.


    Maintenance History, Costs, Records.


    Control or Zoning Strategies, if any.


    HVAC System Balancing & Diagnostics (NBI Certified)


    Proper Measurement of Airflow to See if System is Suffering Problems That are Related to Improper Airflow (common).


    Carbon Monoxide/Combustion Analysis & Diagnostics (NCI Certified)


    Independent third party verification of installations and performance (if you have had a system installed and the contractor that installed the system also offered blower door services or other verification you should consider independent verification) Read More...

    Fire Suppression Enclosure Testing:

    Enclosure integrity testing uses a Blower Door to measure the total leakage area of rooms protected by fire suppression systems. Test procedures are performed following Appendix C of NFPA 2001





    Special Information for Those With Mold Issues

    Berkeley Lab, EPA Studies Confirm Large Public Health And Economic Impact of Dampness and Mold
    Author: Berkeley Lab

    Before Going to a Mold Remediation Company, You Better Talk With an Independent Environmental Consultant....Here's Why.

    Construction, Indoor Air Quality, Energy and Expert Services

     CIEC Seal 

    We provide services to building owners, property managers, builders, homeowners and the legal community. Our services range from simple walk-through examinations of buildings and homes to extensive investigations and research relating to building science, forensics, engineering, construction failures, moisture issues, waterproofing, indoor air quality, building codes & ventilation. Our services include entire buildings or specialty areas including roofs, waterproofing, HVAC systems, building envelope, combustion analysis, pressure diagnostics, indoor air quality, preliminary evaluations and energy audits.

    C.L.I. Group, LLC evaluates each building by looking at the building as a whole system. Buildings are made up of many integral components which operate as a whole to make buildings safe, energy efficient and comfortable for the occupants. We evaluate each building and building component with this in mind. All too often, contractors & sub-contractors, inspectors and others overlook this fact with less than satisfactory results. For example, updating an older building by adding insulation, new windows, adding walls, etc. may create new problems such as depleting needed combustion air, changing building pressures and causing combustion gases to backdraft into the building. Changing building pressures and/or natural infiltration rates can also lead to inadequate fresh air ventilation, indoor air quality issues, moisture and condensation issues and other conditions which should be understood when undertaking such modifications. The same is true in commercial buildings. Is the building being used as it was originally designed? Have modifications been made such a splitting large, open areas into offices? Was the HVAC system updated and balanced to accommodate any such changes? These factors can all affect  the building and the occupants of the building and should be evaluated during renovations.

    Total Building Commissioning

    The Commissioning Process focuses on producing a quality-based system that achieves the Owner’s Project Requirements. The Owner has adopted the Commissioning Process as his/her quality process to plan, design, construct, and operate this facility. As with any quality process, the Commissioning Process provides tools to enable everyone involved in the construction of the facility to verify that the final facility meets the Owner’s Project Requirements.

    C.L.I. Group, LLC is an independent agent in the commissioning process, and as such The Commissioning Authority is not responsible for design concept, design criteria, compliance with codes, design or general construction scheduling, cost estimating, or construction management. The Commissioning Authority may assist with problem-solving or resolving nonconformance or deficiencies, but ultimately that responsibility resides with the general contractor and design professionals.

    Reference: ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 The Commissioning Process

    Commissioning of the total building is a concept that is rapidly gaining acceptance throughout the industry. With the complexities, costs and liabilities of building today, the prudent building owner is opting to reduce those risks through "total building commissioning". In the past, the commissioning process focused on the HVAC systems for the most part. Total Building Commissioning is changing that concept. Buildings today are much more co-dependent on all major systems functioning as a whole. The major systems of the building are inter-related and therefore must all function within the specification to achieve performance. If any part of the whole is not functioning as specified, there is a high probability that the other integral components will also cease to function within specifications. This adds to high operating costs, equipment failures, poor building performance and increased liabilities to the owner.

    For further information on the building commissioning process visit our commissioning area.


    Our Other Partnerships:


    "Use of this logo does not imply EPA endorsement."

    Mission Statement

    To provide services to our clients which create safe, efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. We use the latest technology to evaluate, investigate and report on the conditions present in the buildings we evaluate. Paying attention to building behavior can allow for the technician to diagnose problems or defective components in the building and make repair recommendations based on fact rather than speculation. Properly operating and maintaining any building makes the building more comfortable and efficient and results in lower overall operating costs. Whether you are purchasing a building or trying to correct a building with existing problems we can help to assure that you will get the most from your investment. I invite you to browse our site to learn more about the specialized and unique services we offer. These are services you will not get by hiring specialty contractors that evaluate problems with a bias toward the services and products they sell. When hiring a company to assess your building, ask yourself this question..."if my contractor is an HVAC contractor, what are the chances that I will be told my windows or insulation are the reason for high energy costs"? It has been our experience that the majority of the time the answer is no. You would be told your mechanical systems need repair and/or replacement. It is this bias that we have built our company services around. We can evaluate and assess your building "holistically" without the bias of a specialty contractor. Giving you the facts about your building and your options is our ONLY BUSINESS.

    C.L.I. Group, LLC always works with the best interests of our clients in mind. We have no hidden agenda and no conflicts of interest. We believe that there is only one way to assure the condition, operation or retrofitting options for any building and that is through Independent Third Party Testing & Verification. Our unique services do not leave questions. We will measure the performance of your building using state of the art equipment which is traceable to the N.I.S.T. to assure accuracy. This allows for decisions to be based on fact rather than fiction. We believe in Measured Results. Our motto is simple " If We Achieve Results, You Achieve Performance". This commitment to being independent allows us to make decisions and offer opinions which are based on the performance of your building rather than on a potential sale.

    Please call us if you require the assistance of a fully competent building science, indoor air quality or energy consulting company.

    (440) 946-7191 or (440) 655-9024




      ASHRAE Certified



    C.L.I. Group, LLC






    ASHRAE Certified: Commissioning Process Management Professional (CPMP)

    Board Certified; Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC), Indoor Air Quality Manager (CIAQM),
     American Indoor Air Quality Council (Now ACAC), National Registry of Environmental Professionals

    ICC Certified: Combination Inspector (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, building),  Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner

    United States Green Building Council: LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)

    NBI Certified: HVAC Balancing & Diagnostics NCI Certified: Combustion/Carbon Monoxide Analysis

    Member: RESNET - Residential Energy Services Network; U.S.G.B.C. - U.S. Green Building Council, CGBC - Cleveland Green Building Coalition; RCI - Roof Consultants Institute; (BETEC) Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council; SBIC - Sustainable Buildings Industry Council; ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers


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